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Our journey into craft beer started in an unconventional way. We discovered the world of craft beer while living in Shanghai, China during their initial craft beer boom in 2012. 

This eventually led us to go west and experience the beer mecca first hand: San Diego. It wasn't long until we started talking about doing our own brewery.


The idea of Glen Affric Brewery was born in 2014 and finally came to fruition in November 2016 with the installation of our 500L pilot brewhouse, along with 4 conical fermenters and 1 brite tank. 

We became fully operational in December 2016 and truly started on our journey to create the best damn brewery we could ever make.



We spent the best part of two full years learning how to set up our brewery to survive & grow.

What we found in our research was very few truly plan for growth. Breweries struggle with capacity once they gain traction.

So we took the huge step of putting our expansion 30HL brewhouse in place, so we can scale our growth effectively and on our terms.


We have a few rules we like to live by.

Quality is king: If the beer is not up to our quality standards, it gets dumped. No ifs. No buts. Get it outta here.

Be scared: if we're not doing things outside of our comfort zone, we're not pushing our boundaries hard enough. 

Don't accept "No": We don't accept the status quo. Just because something's always been done a certain way, doesn't mean it's the best way.

Share Knowledge: Knowledge is power. And we intend to share wherever we see fit. We are relentless in breaking down barriers.

Do the right thing: We're not perfect. So when things don't go to plan, we will do everything in our power to make it right. 


It's a valid question & one we get asked a lot.

We initially planned on opening our brewery in a bar we bought in Glen Affric, in the Scottish Highlands where our family holiday home is located.

Unfortunately it didn't work out as we'd hoped, mainly due to the growing scope of what we wanted to achieve with the brewery far exceeding the limits of what was feasible in the bar.

So we decided to look for a home on the Wirral, where we've lived since '93. We eventually found our home in Birkenhead and couldn't be happier!

We still plan on utilising our "original" location by  building a bespoke facility aimed at tourism and educating people about craft beer.