Being of proud Scottish heritage, an extensive barrel-aged programme was absolutely inevitable.  So far we have already gathered well in excess of 150 first class barrels and hogsheads of both whisky from top Scottish Distilleries and bourbon from Kentucky & Louisiana.  We have released numerous small batches in our taproom from Barrel-aged Imperial Stouts to Red Rye Ales.  Currently, we have a substantial number of barrels filled and maturing nicely, both in ambient for high ABV styles and in our double-sized coldstore for soon to be released lower ABV styles, including many lightly barrel-aged versions of our core ranges.

2019 Dark Storm-01.png

Dark storm

Whisky Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
9% | OG 1.081 | IBU 20

2019 Red Eye Flight-01.png

red eye flight

Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Rye
7% | OG 1.064 | IBU 55