Getting our beers into the hands of as many customers as possible is something we work really hard on. It's why we self-distribute up to a 35 mile radius from our brewery. We're passionate about putting our beers on as many taps as possible for people to enjoy. 

But the UK market is much bigger than our 35 mile radius. A LOT bigger... but it's historically been much harder to serve that wider market without going the more "traditional" route of teaming up with a distribution company and getting your beers out to market that way.

Enter: EeBria Trade.


EeBria, and EeBria Trade by extension, is a relatively new platform that allows breweries to distribute nationwide using their online marketplace where bars can buy direct from breweries. It's a unique concept that give us access to a much wider market while they manage the, frankly, more difficult logistical aspects of nationwide distribution.

We're extremely proud to be invited on to the platform and we're excited to see what EeBria can do for us in terms of sales growth and having access to a much wider market that we could ever do on our own.

If you're a trade customer and want to see our current stock listings on EeBria, use our link to jump straight to our brewery page and see what we're got in stock!