We were privileged to be asked by the infamous Liverpool craft bar, Dead Craft Beer Co, to participate & collaborate with them on a beer exclusively for their Oktoberfest 2017 celebrations.

Not gonna lie, we were pretty excited! The only requirement for the beer was that it had to be German inspired or themed in some way...

So after a bit of back and forth trying to find something that we could brew in time for the event, and be unique, we came up with this:


The Orange Hoff

Blood Orange Wheat Beer
4.6% ABV | 20 IBU


Wheat, Extra Pale, Malted Flaked Oats


Mandarina Bavaria


Blood Orange Puree (added in conditioning)

Taking inspiration from the world's best orange (natural or spray, TBD), German / American hybrid: David Hasselhoff.

We created our own super powered hybrid - an American style Wheat Ale, with enough blood orange puree to turn the beer so orange it walked the line between a beer or a juice*.

The reception we got from this beer was incredible. No other word for it. It's unlikely we'll ever do this beer at a large scale as the amount of blood orange puree needed would make it impossibly expensive. Yes, there really was that much puree in it.

So if you're one of the lucky few who got to drink this lovely concoction, count yourself lucky!

*For legal reasons: it was 100% a beer, sold as beer. Not sold as a juice. Honest.