The debate of cans vs bottles has all but ended in craft beer circles, with the winner in almost all cases being cans. However, many people outside of the bubble are still unaware of the benefits of canned beer and in fact often think bottles are better for beer, when in fact the opposite is true! Long gone are the days of canned beer being reserved for tinny, mass produced, flavourless lager.

Among the many reasons for us going into cans, there are a few key points worth talking about:

  1. Zero Lightstruck - For beer, light is the enemy; specifically UV light. As soon as UV light hits your beer it starts breaking down the hop oils in beer and produces an intense, off-putting odour commonly referred to as “skunking”, as it is remarkably similar to the pungent odour developed by skunks when they spray. Not something you want in your beer. Hence why beer bottles are commonly brown, as that helps block most, but importantly not all, of the UV light. This is not an issue with cans as they are completely impervious to UV light.

  2. No O2 Ingress -The single biggest killer of beer is air, specifically oxygen which stales beer and can often taste like cardboard or wet paper. To add insult to injury, oxidised beer ruins hop aroma and flavour too! Thanks to the hemetic seal on cans, there’s no way any oxygen can get into the cans post seal vs crown caps on bottles which are vulnerable to damage or leaky seals which can allow air to creep in over time and oxidise your beer.

  3. Lightweight -You can’t escape the fact that cans are much lighter than bottles. An empty 330ml bottle weights almost half as much as a filled 440ml can. This weight realisation has a massive impact on the entire chain of production when it’s thought through. It means empty cans cost lest to ship to us, once filled they’re easier for us to move and carry around our warehouse, which in turn makes them easier and cheaper for us to deliver & ship to our customers. It seems like a simple thing, but it has a big impact on how we operate as a business.


Those are just some of the reasons why we love cans! There’s even more that we don’t have enough time for, like how aluminium cans are infinitely recyclable, they get colder much quicker compared to bottles, cans are almost impossible to break from an accidental drop, they can go to places where glass bottles aren’t permitted like public parks, festivals and concerts.

We hope we can be a voice for change in the stigma attached to beer in cans and we are making it our mission to spread the word about how cans are the way forward for beer!