As of today, our taproom has been open for 6 months. We've said it before and we'll say it again, the support we've had has been absolutely amazing. It has exceeded all our expectations.

The growth of the taproom has taken off faster than we ever expected and as a result we're running at full capacity on our 5HL brew kit to try and keep up with demand. Along with brewing as many Small Batch beers as we can!

To put this into context, we're now at a point where we're reserving 65-70% of each 5HL batch exclusively for the taproom.

We're now coming into the spring season (allegedly...) and we're anticipating yet another rise in the amount of customers coming through our taproom on a weekly basis. With that increase in demand we are planning on putting a few things in place in the near future:

  • Longer opening hours - We're working with the council & licensing department to increase the opening hours of the taproom. Getting the taproom fully licensed and opened took a lot of work, communication & negotiation with the local council, so going back and increasing the bar hours is no easy feat. But we plan on pushing through and opening for longer as soon as we can.

  • Expanding our taps - We currently have 8 keg taps, with 4 of those being our core range. On top of our rotating seasonal's and Small Batch series beers we regularly have guest beers on too. To coincide with our brewhouse expansion we're going to be increasing our offering to 16 taps. More will be revealed about that soon, so stay tuned!
  • Take-away Crowlers - Without getting too much into it, we don't have any small pack beers for our customers to buy currently (It's something we're working very hard on rectifying). But we want to give our taproom customers the ability to buy any of our draft beers to take home with them. So we're actively investigating our options for getting a can crowler station in the taproom. 

  • Food trucks - Something we're also working with the council on is determining the licensing needs to have a rotation of food trucks onsite in the parking area of the brewery. The prospect of putting in our own kitchen presented too many challenges, so we've been limited to snack options till this point. We're hoping to change that soon, so if you have any recommendations for local (Wirral/Liverpool based) food trucks who make exceptional food, please send them to us!

We're so proud of what we've achieved in the last 6 months and we can't wait to get stuck in and execute all the new additions we want to bring to the taproom and make the experience even more enjoyable for our awesome customers!